Thursday, 15 April 2010


my Goodness is it really that long since I blogged!!!!!! I am still cardmaking like mad and will post some pics when I get my pc fixed. I am maybe due to get redecorated on here too I think. Will need to speak to my daughter to design me a new blog, something more sophisticated methinks!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

my family pic

We went to a professional photographer, a friend called Nance Macfarlane, to get this pic done for my parents' anniversary and I am really pleased with it. They were over the moon with it, and we had a small party for them too which was great fun. A few friends and some family came round and we had a wee buffet too, so a success all round!
The pic is... from left to right Me, hubby, then under him Sophie, our youngest, up to my brother, then down to Gemma, oldest, and finally my sister in law.

been very busy today......

Been doing some orders and also a wee start to my Christmas cards too.

There's more!!

lots to post today!

Monday, 20 October 2008

and more....

A new home- love Heidi grace soooooo much!!!love this colour palette

These are great for me as they are die cut, no fiddly bits to cut out! There are lots of bowlers around here so these are really handy little guys from jolly nation.

some recent makes.....

These wedding cards are great fun to make

whoops not the best photo in the world!
This caused great big giggles apparently-

It's been too long!!

Sorry everyone, I know I have been missing for far too long!
Lots of things been happening on the homefront, and not all pleasurable! Hopefully we have all turned a wee corner and I can get back to "normal". I have really missed being on the CB forum and have been on for the first time in an age tonight but it was so slow that I kept timing out so thought that I had better get a wee post or two on here to keep in touch!
I will need to make sure that I get on at least once a week - me time-to keep up with the gossip and chat.
I have done some cards over the last few months and have even done my first ever wedding invitations, so will post some pics (haven't taken photo of invites yet though!) Anyway it's nice to be back! Caroline xxxxx